Q: Why is Solaris an application and not a website?

A: Solaris will in the future be available for tablet and phone. In order to help that progression it was designed with portability in mind. Also a planned feature is to allow SOLARIS to be used offline.

Q: Is this it?

A: On the contrary, this is just the beginning, we're continuing to develop SOLARIS and introduce new features continuously. At all times we want to encourage dealers to give us feedback on issues they have or features they would like to see.

Q: I requested a feature/change and its still not been implemented.

A: Clearly we can't meet every request but we will try and include as many suggestions as possible. Also it can take time to make these changes. 

Q: My saved basket/template disappeared when  I logged into a different PC

A: At the moment the basket will leave with the PC it was created on. However we're working on an 'account' based way of accessing saved baskets/templates

Q: I thought all the drawings and parts we're fixed? I've found an issue!

A: A lot of time and effort has been given to try and make sure the data we supply you is as accurate as possible. However we appreciate that there are still times where an issue can occur. We are implementing a reporting system which allows dealers to notify us of an issue with a click of a button. We in turn will then work to correct that issue.

Q: Why do I have to change my password, can't I just use the one you sent me?

A: As much as we would like to keep this simple we simply must ensure your account is secure. Forcing a password change known only to you is the only way we can do that.

Q: I don't seem to be getting email notifications from SOLARIS

A: Please contact customer services and ask them to update your SOLARIS email address.