The Solaris system is designed to help you to quickly and easily order spare parts and power equipment* from Ariens UK and keep a track on those orders from the point of order right through to delivery.

You can compile orders by using parts lists and diagrams or by entering items directly into the basket either by typing them individually or dragging and dropping an exported file. Stock levels and availability for all parts are indicated on the drawings, parts lists and in the basket. You can view all the orders you have placed by looking at the purchases tab. You can trace the status of orders at any time by using the progress tab. Bulletin information and warranty processing are also features of the Solaris software.

1. Installation

To install Solaris you must download the latest version from the Dealer Knowledgebase. You can quickly access this by clicking here.

Select the version for the Computer Operating system you are using. If you are unsure of your computers operating system click here. This will open up a website and display your Windows version at the top. (For example, Windows 10)

Once you have clicked the Windows type the file will begin to download. Once complete click 'run' or double click to install.

Follow the on screen prompts in order to install the software. Once complete you will be presented with the Solaris login screen. A shortcut to Solaris will also be created on your desktop.

More detailed instructions on installation can be found here.

2. Logging in for the first time.

Enter your username and password as supplied by to you by our customer experience team.  Click Login and you will be presented with your account page. 

If you cannot recall your password click 'Forgotten Password' this will take you through the steps of creating a new one. 

The account screen will by default be the first page that opens when you log in. Once you have changed your initial password to something of your choice Solaris will take you to the search page thereafter. We recommend that you change your password.

Check your details are correct on the account page, if there is anything that needs amending please use the 'send message' feature and notify either Solaris Support or your Area Sales manager. 

The account screen will also notify you if your account is on hold for any reason.

You'll notice there is a menu bar at the top of the screen with various different options. The option shown in grey will be the page you are currently viewing.

The header also shows a 'time left' until next day order notification in the top right. This is for spare parts orders.  

3. The Home Tab

The Home option will take you back to the login page where links are available for product registration, Knowledgebase, Marketing Materials, Manuals and Out of box. 

The 'Forgotten Password' option is also available on this screen.

4. The Search Tab

Search is where many dealers will start out. If you want to find something this is the place to do it. You are presented with a search box. 

Simply enter a search term in the first box. For example 'C60' Click the search button and you'll be given a list of Power equipment products and spare parts diagrams to choose from. 

If you want to narrow your search you can enter a year in the 'Year Filter' box. The list will automatically update.

If you search contains both Power Equipment and Exploded Diagrams you'll see the Power Equipment is highlighted in Orange. 

Clicking one of the search results will show you the available pages on the right hand side. In the case of Power Equipment this will be one page and for exploded diagrams it could display multiple pages. A tutorial video can be seen here.

5. Drawing

Now you have found the drawing or product you are looking for click the result. This will take you to the Drawing tab. This tab only becomes operational after a search. 

You will be given a list of products on the left hand side and a drawing/sales image on the right. 

Click the coloured 'hot spots' on the image will bring up a detail box. Here you can see stock levels, pricing and order the item if desired. There is also a 'report error' link which will allow you to notify us of an issue with the item. For example there may be a problem with the description that needs amending. 

The items listed will have three different colours, Green, Yellow, and Red. These indicate our stock levels. Green is in stock, Yellow is low stock and Red means out of stock. This only changes slightly with orders on Power Equipment whereby tractors showing red are 'Built to order' 

Now you have navigated to the drawings you can add as many parts as you like from the detail box by clicking 'add parts' additionally you can search for other products and continue to add more items to your order. Once you click the basket tab you will see that your items are listed there.

6. Basket

Now you have added items from the drawings you can review them in the basket tab. You'll be presented with a list of the items you have selected. 

You can edit this list like you would an excel spreadsheet. For example if you want to change the quantity of the product simply click the qty and type in a new one. If you want to remove an item select it and click 'delete line' 

You can also add more items using the quick add box. Enter the part and quantity and click 'add' or use your enter key.

Of course, these methods of part entry are not suitable for all dealers, some dealers will have their own ordering systems which output files for importing. Solaris handles this by allowing you to either drag and drop a file in or to copy and paste the contents into the basket.  A tutorial on this can be found here.

There are functions for saving/templating a basket as well as bringing up baskets you previously ordered. This allows you to re-order items if you wish.

Again you are given the stock status via a colour system. A key is shown at the bottom of the screen for your convenience. This can be turned off in the account page.

Once you are happy with your basket click 'submit order' Here you can enter your reference and select pickup or an alternate delivery address. After a few minutes you will receive a confirmation order by email. 

7. Purchases

The purchases screen will give you an overview of what you have purchased along with an indication of the stock level. Your newly created order will be available to see here as soon as an order has been submitted. It is an overview of what you have specifically requested.  There are filters on the screen to narrow the list down. 

8. Progress

The progress screen is your one stop place to check on the progress of any orders you have placed. In some instances you may notice that the part number or an item you have ordered may have changed. This can be because the ordered item has been replaced by an updated part or stock may be better on an alternative. Solaris works out the best part option on order submission.

By default all your orders are listed. You can use the search box to display a specific order number (Your reference or the one supplied by us!) Alternatively you can use the filters to narrow your orders down.

9. Publications

Publications tab gives you easy access to bulletins, forms and quick reference guides. Clicking the filters at the bottom of the page will return a list of all items within that group. If you are looking for something specific then you can use the search box. Clicking on one of the results will open the bulletin, form or QRG in the right hand side window. 

 10. Warranty

Warranty claims can be submitted directly into Solaris using the warranty tab. Simply enter your serial number and click 'search'  This will return details of the product. If no results for the serial number are found you can still enter the details into the boxes.

Clicking 'Show' on the 'Previous claim summary' box will show you some details of any previous claims against that Serial number.

The light orange boxes need to be filled in as a requirement in order for you to submit the form. It is assumed that entry of personal information relating to your customers has received the necessary consent in order to comply with GDPR. 

If you click 'yes' to the add parts question a quick entry box will appear and you can add a list of parts. This works in a similar way to the add parts box on the basket tab.

Clicking 'Submit Claim' will ask for a confirmation of submission and will send you an email to confirm reciept of your claim. 

...And Finally....

Tutorials and help can be found here.

More in depth instructions can be found here.

Some frequently asked questions (and answers) can be found here.

*Coming Summer 2018