Unit starts but will not accelerate / no power at full throttle.

1 - Air Filter - Inspect /replace the air filter.

2 - Spark Plug - Replace the spark plug. A faulty spark plug may look clean, and may even allow a unit to run at idle or at mid-range speeds. If the spark plug is faulty the spark will not be sufficient enough to completely ignite the fuel mixture under high compression and engine speeds.

3 - Spark Arrestor Screen - All ECHO engines are equipped with a spark arrestor screen located in the muffler. If this screen becomes clogged with carbon deposits, the engine may not accelerate properly.

To remove the spark arrestor screen:

1. Disconnect the spark plug lead from the spark plug.
2. Remove the screws holding the cylinder/muffler cover, and remove the cover.
3. Remove the screws holding the exhaust guide to the muffler body, the gasket and the screen.
NOTE: Some models like CS-310 may not include a gasket. Consult your Operator's Manual for
additional information.
Inspect the spark arrestor screen. If the screen is clogged or partially clogged, it should be replaced.

4. Fuel System -  If dirt, water, or stale fuel has entered the carburetor, the debris can clog the jet that causes fuel starvation and low power. Please take the unit to an Authorized ECHO Servicing Dealer for inspection and repair.