How to log-in for the first time 


Run the Solaris program (Click here for installation instructions)

Enter your account code in the account code box.
Enter your initial password in the password box which is supplied by our customer experience department (Upper Case )

  • Now the password boxes will be highlighted to show a new password is required. (If this is the first time you have logged in.)
  • Enter a new password in the password Reset box  (Shown below) and type it again in the second password box. If the two passwords match a tick will appear in the 'New Passwords Match' tick box.
  • It is advised to use as strong a password as possible, the recommendations are

a. A length greater than five digits

b. A mix of upper and lower case letters

c. One or more numbers

  • Enter your original password (As supplied by our customer service team) in the "Enter current password to confirm' box and press the update button.
  • You can now continue to use the system but remember to use your new password on your next logon.