Find a drawing and add items from a drawing to the basket

Enter a search term in the Search box and click the 'Search' button you can narrow your results by entering a year in the Year Filter box. As you can see in the example below we have searched for a B250 and narrowed the results by narrowing it down by looking for pages that cover the year 2016. You can then choose the required drawing/parts list from the search results list displayed by clicking an item. The system will then display previews of all the pages in the parts list. Selecting one will take you to the drawing.

The lines highlighted in a darker blue are a new feature of Solaris, these results are for ordering additional power equipment and related accessories.  Ordering these items works in the same was as ordering spare parts.

Checking stock status and adding to basket

You'll be presented with a screen showing parts on the left and an exploded diagram on the right. (or a sale sheet if it is a power equipment product)
Hovering your mouse pointer over a hotspot will display a quick view of the part status in the bottom window.
Clicking a spot will bring up the part detail box. From here you can add a quantity and add parts to the basket. You can also report to us if you find something wrong.

You can also add parts directly to the basket by amending the QTY field in the parts list directly. In this example we are ordering 12 of part number 04826400. Simply changing that number adds that quantity to the basket. When you click through to the basket it will be there.

You'll also notice the spots on the drawing have colour co-ordination. The key is shown here. (You can turn this on and off in the accounts page)


in our example below you'll see that spot 22 is 'Supersession in Stock' meaning that the original part number has been replaced and is unavailable but we have a replacement part in stock that can be dispatched.

The image below shows you a more detailed view of the part detail box.

Using the basket

Select the basket tab. If you have added parts using the drawing and parts list. You'll now see them populated here. The colours indicate the stock status of the parts.
You can at this point amend the quantities by clicking into the list and changing the QTY. (Simialr to how you would amend an Excel spreadsheet) If you wish to remove an item simply highlight the line and click 'delete line'
Perhaps you want to add another part number? No problem simply type the part number and quantity into the quick add box. 

If the part number is not recognised then you'll see a 'No item found' message. Maybe there you are missing a space, a slash or a dash in these instances.

On rare occasions you will see your part highlighted in blue with a 'duplicate part' message displayed. This can occur if the part number is in use on another brand item. 

The drag and drop area is any of the white space on the basket screen. This is for dealers who export their orders to a text/csv file. The file can be dragged or the contents copied into the space and the order will automatically populate.

A text file should be set out as below (partnumber,qty)

There is a video tutorial of this function in the tutorials section of the knowledge base here.

You will have by now noticed that items in the lists have different colours. A key is displayed on each tab to indicate what the colours represent. On the parts list and drawings tabs they are an indication of the parts availability.

The grid also displays costings and discounts.

Once your order is complete click 'submit order' a box will appear offering your the chance to enter your order number. You can also enter an alternative delivery address at this point assuming you have the permission of the named person to enter it.

Pick up is also an option for those dealers who like to come and collect their parts.

When an order has been successfully submitted an email will be sent to you with your order reference. It will also move to your purchases tab.

Save your basket

In the above image you may notice the 'save' button. If you wish to save a basket that you can retrieve at a later date then you can do so in this area. Type in your file name and press the save button.
The screen will change to the screen shown below. You'll notice your save file will appear on the left along with the contents of the basket.

Clicking the 'add to basket' button at the bottom will re-add those items to your basket for ordering where you can amend it if required. This feature can be used to store templates.
Another feature is the 'AutoSaved' tab at the bottom. This takes snapshots of your basket so that you can retrieve its contents if necessary. For example, if you spent all day entering an order and then had a power cut causing your computer to crash you could use the auto save feature to retrieve the basket. Using it is the same process as the normal save basket process.

Other options are the retrieval of baskets you have previously submitted (great for repeat ordering) and also re-ordering an imported order.