**This tutorial assumes you are using Windows Internet Explorer. Other browsers may behave differently**

Navigate to the download area for Solaris

Here you will see images showing the different windows versions available.

Click the logo relating to the windows version you are running

Click the logo. You will be asked to either ‘save’ or ‘run’ the file


Click ‘save’

Select a location to save the file to.

This will take a few moments depending upon the speed of your internet connection

Once the download has completed click ‘run’


You may see the message below. click 'run'


The installer will now begin.

On some systems you may see the notification shown below

Simply click 'Allow'

Solaris will now begin installation and will first check for a newer version of the software.

A message may display offering you the most recent version of the software. Click Yes.

The latest version will download.


When complete the install will automatically continue


Installation will complete.

If you require further assistance please submit a support ticket here