Checking Progress of your orders

You can get an overview of all your orders using the progress screen. The orders are shown and split into order line. (allowing you to see the status of all your parts) Although this looks similar to the purchase screen you can see there is now more information available. Our order reference is shown next to the dealer order reference and details on back orders are now shown alongside parts that are being despatched as supersessions. (where an alterantive part was available)

Again, colour dictates the status of your order, the key bar at the bottom of the screen indicates the status of that line.

When your item has been dispatched (shown in the 'sent' column) then you'll be able to access the tracking link which will take you to the couriers tracking page.

As with some of the other pages, the results shown here can be filtered by pressing the 'Filters' button next to 'Search' this will list some date ranges to narrow a search by. Alternatively if you have your reference or our reference you can use the search box to narrow it down to the single order.