Solaris gives you the ability to enter warranty claims. When selecting the warranty screen you'll be presented with a box to enter a serial number. If the serial number is detected then the form will pre-fill in the details we know about it. If it is not detected then you can still manually enter the claim.  It is essential that all the boxes marked  as Red are filled in. The form will not submit unless they are.

After entering a recognised Serial number click 'Search' and you'll see details of the machine (Provided it has been registered) If a machine has not been registered or doesn't show up after clicking search you can still enter the claim as normal and the claim will be checked by our staff when processed.

Clicking 'show' on the 'previous claim summary' box will display information relating to the last claim made on this machine (if applicable)

Fill in the relevant details, ensuring that all boxes coloured red are filled in. If any of them are not filled in the you will not be able to submit the claim.

If you want to add details of parts to the claim you can answer 'yes' to the 'do you want to add parts' section.  It will bring you up a quick entry box similar to that used in the basket page. Enter the part number and the quantitiy and click 'add' a list of parts will build up on the right hand side. 

If necessary you can find a text file and import to create the list. (in this format part,qty )

When you have filled in all the information click the submit button at the bottom of the form. If the button is 'greyed out' then this means you have failed to enter all the necessary information and you should re-check your form. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email.